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Tour Big Ala-Archa Glacier

from 23 $ USA per person

BAL - The Big Ala-Archa Glacier is located at the end of the Ala-Archa gorge on the shadow slope of the Kyrgyz Range. Here in former times, surrounded by several large glaciers, a ski base was built, in which the Olympic team of the country trained year-round. From that time there are buildings left - a two-story dormitory and a dining room.

Having stood unsupervised for more than 25 years, these buildings have collapsed significantly. From alpine camp to abandoned HLB (3400m above sea level) - 15.5km. The path passes along a heavily destroyed mountain road, passing from one side of the gorge to the other. Several times you have to ford turbulent mountain rivers. You can also go along stony winding paths on the left bank of the Ala-Archa River, but then the speed of movement slows down a lot, although it becomes safer.Tourists come here to stop for the night, from here they make radial exits or go further along the route. The most interesting is the Small Ala-Archa glacier with two small lakes and relatively light categorical passes. Also in the summer, skiers and snowboarders sometimes come here to climb the glacier in the morning and then slide down the snow. Many tourists bring with them materials and make a feasible repair, thanks to which the destruction of buildings slows down a lot. For a night, it is enough to bring a sleeping bag and a karemat or piece of polyethylene.