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Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Tour

 10 days

from 1850 $ USA for person

Duration: May-September

The price includes: car / driver / fuel, accommodation in two countries, meals, entrance tickets in some places, air tickets and train tickets within Uzbekistan.

Day 1. 

Pickup at the airport after driving to Chokemin valley, sleep in a guesthouse. This

place will be nice for acclimatization to the further elevations. At arrival, we will

go trekking to the mountains of Chonkemin, in evening get back to guesthouse

and have dinner in guesthouse. (160kms)



Day 2. 


Drive to Sonkul Lake via Kalmakashuu pass which is about 3400 meters above the sea level, on the way we will see vast pastures and lots of cattle of the shepherss, at arrival rest in a yurt camp and walking in Son KulLake...sleep in yurt. Our yurt camp is on the 3000 meters above the sea level (mileage today is about 250kms).



Day 3. 


Drive to Kazarman via Moldo Ashuu pass, on the we will make picnic and some ptohostops, the nature along the way as always is going to be very beautiful and interesting but the road is not asphalted. At arrival to Kazarman we will have dinner in our guesthouse and sleep (the mileage of the days-180kms)


Day 4. 


Drive to Osh via Jalalabad, the half of the road is not asphalted but beautiful nature and mountains pass, especially on this road one can see the contrast of the landscapes of the country, since we will be entering the territory of Fergana (most fertile lands in Central Asia), at arrival rest in a hotel, (mileage 270kms)



Day 5. 


City tour in Osh city...visit of museum and SuleimanMountain, Osh market in the evening at 16.00 or 15.00 pm go to the border with Uzbekistan meet with the Uzbek team who will take you to Fergana 110kms where you fly to Tashkent at 21.00pm.(1 hour flight)After landing in Tashkent another driver will pick you up and take to the hotel to rest.(120kms)


Day 6.


Early in the morning at 7-8 am driver will take you to the bullet train to get to Samarkand (2hours on the way) at arrival city tour in Samarkand and rest in a hotel in Samarkand. In the evening pick up the train to Bukhara and driver will take you to the hotel. Rest.


Day 7. 


City tour in Bukhara. Visits of ancient temples, Madrasas, Babur’s Madrasa, the main Minaret, boutiques of the Silk Road, and many souvenir shops, your guide will let you taste the famous Uzbek Sams. Rest in a hotel.



Day 9. 


Early 5am in the morning pick up the bullet train back to Tashkent at arrival our guide in Tashkent will pick you up and take around the city to show the sightseeing’s and the old city...rest in a hotel


Day 10. 


Driver will take you to the airport in the morning 




Burana tower, Sonkul lake, Osh city, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, the Great Silk Road


1 pax – 1850 

2 pax – 2200

3 pax – 3000

4 pax – 3900

5 pax – 5700

6 pax – 6400

7 pax – 8000

8 pax – 8500

9 pax – 9500

Price includes: car/driver/fuel, accommodations in two countries, meals, entrance fees in places, airplane and train tickets inside Uzbekistan.

Maximum number of people; 18