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Tour Tien Shan

14 days

from 2100 $ USA per person

 Available: June - September

  • Distance: Unlimited.km.

  • Duration of tour:13 nights /14 days

  • Max. altitude:4100 m

  • Min. altitude:1600 m

  • Level of difficulty:Middle

  • Price:from 2100 to 5300 US dollars

    • Program:

    • ​​

    • Day 1.

    • The Manas airport – Bishkek– Karakol. 
      Transfer: 400 km. / 8 hours / +900 m. 

    • Arrival in Bishkek (800 m) early in the morning. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel. After a short rest and a late breakfast, transfer to Karakol.
      On the way, you will have lunch at a local cafe, as well as enjoy beautiful views of the Boom gorge and the Issyk-Kul lake. Arrival in Karakol. Dinner and overnight at the hotel (1700 m.).

    • Day 2. 

    • City tour in Karakol. Karakol- The At-Jailoo camp. 
      Transfer: 200 km. / 6h / +800 m. 

    • After breakfast, the hotel will host a small tour of the city of Karakol: a visit to the Dungan mosque, built in the Chinese style and the Russian Orthodox Church, built of wood without the use of nails.
      Lunch at a local cafe. 
      Transfer to the At-Jailoo camp. The road passes through a number of villages, the amazing gorge Turgen Ak-Suu to the Chon-Ashuu pass (3808 m). After checking the border passes at the outpost, we continue our way along the Inylchek River to the At-Jailoo camp.

    • Dinner and overnight in tents (2500 m.).

    • Day 3. 

    • The base camp of At-Jailoo – the Iva camp. 
      Transfer: 20 km. / 7-9 hours / +400 m. 

    • Today we have to move from the At-Jailoo camp along the Inylchek River to the root of the South Inylchek glacier.
      On the way there is a view of many glorious peaks. One of them is the peak of Nansen (5690 m), which is widely known among climbers. For a lunch: lunch boxes. The first of the Europeans who visited Inylchek was Peter Semenov in 1857. Under Soviet rule there was limited access to this territory. And only after the disentegration of the USSR in 1991, foreign climbers were allowed to climb in this area.
      Dinner and overnight in the Iva camp (2900 m.).

    • Day 4. 

    • The Iva camp – the Glina camp. 
      Transfer: 13 km. / 5-6 hours / +200 m. 

    • The trek will continue along the side boulder rock of the Inylchek glacier to the confluence with the Putevodny glacier.

    • Lunch on the way.

    • In the afternoon, the hardest part of today's transfer. The path runs along the right boulder rock of the Glaciers of the Putevodny and Inylchek along smooth sandy ground. A variety of relief and steepness of the slope add adrenaline.

    • Dinner and overnight in tents in the Clay Camp (3100 m.).

    • Day 5.

    • The Glina camp – the Glade of Merzbacher camp. 
      Transfer: 12 km. / 4-5 hours/ +300 m. 

    • Today's way is less long and difficult than the previous one, so the start is possible later. On the way there will be a small lake, near which we will stop for a lunch, and those who wish can even swim.
      Next step is that, we have to go along the side boulder rock of the Inylchek glacier to the Merzbacher glade. The Glade of Merzbacher is the last island of greenery, located near the unique lake Merzbacher. On the glade is a research station of the Institute of the Earth. Scientists from all over the world come here every summer. They study the movement of the glacier, the meteorological state in the region and the Merzbacher lake itself. There is enough space for tents in this vast green area.
      Night in tents (3400 m).

    • Day 6. 

    • The radial exit to the lake Merzbacher. 
      Transfer: 10 km. / 4-5 hours. 

    • A walk through the Inylchek glacier to the Merzbacher lake, for those who want a day of rest. Merzbacher Lake is located at the confluence of the Northern Inylchek glacier and the Southern Inylchek, it fills every summer and breaks through the ice about the beginning of August, spilling water into the Inylchek River. The lake is 6 km long and is divided into two parts by an ice bridge. The lower part of the lake is in fluctuation, falling into the river, the second part is always full of water. The lake becomes empty twice a year - in summer and in winter, but mostly people are aware of the summer event.
      Lunch: lunch boxes.

    • Dinner and night like the previous night.

    • Day 7.

      The Glade of Merzbacher - The Komsomolets glacier. 
      Transfer: 18 km. / 6-8 hours/ +400 m. 

    • The trek from the Glade of Merzbacher to the Komsomolsky glacier is very picturesque. The first part of the path will be the trail passed along the right side of the terraces, and in front of the Shokalsky glacier, it smoothly goes down to the glacier and to the side black boulder rock, which flows from the Komsomolets glacier. By it, we go to the Komsomolets glacier.
      The relief is very multiplical: rivers, cracks, ascents and descents, icefall.
      Lunch: lunch boxes.

    • After 16:00 the wind rises. This will be the first night on the glacier, so you need to prepare for the cold.

    • Night in tents on a glacier in Komsomolets camp (3800 m).

    • Day 8. 

    • The Komsomolets glacier – the Dikii glacier. 
      Transfer: 13 km. / 4-6 hours / +100 m. 

    • The first part of the way will be full of continuous ascents and descents, but closer to the glacier, the Dikii Boulder Rock is leveling off- there are no longer any cracks or rivers.
      Lunch: lunch boxes. You will have lunch with unforgettable view of the Proletarsky glacier.
      Unconditionally, this part of the trek is one of the most amazing parts.

    • A distinctive feature of this area is a huge number of nameless peaks, from 5000 meters and above, many of them have not yet conquered. You will see remains of earlier expeditions.

    • Night on the glacier in the Dikii camp(3900 m).


    • Day 9.

    • The Dikii glacier – the Base Camp of South Inylchek. 
      Transfer: 8 км. / 4-6 часов / +200 м. 

    • At the beginning of the travel, we return to the Southern Inylchek glacier boulder rock and continue upward movement to the root of Dikii Peak, then turn to the north, cross of the glacier, and exit to the central boulder rock, flowing from the slopes of Trekhglavy peak. We continue upward movement along the central boulder rock until the confluence with the Asterisk glacier, where the Base Camp is located.
      Lunch: lunch boxes.

    • Throughout the travel, you will be able to admire the amszing views of the surrounding peaks of Khan-Tengri, Pobeda, Gorky, Chapaev and Trekhglavy. Dinner and overnight at the base camp in tents (4100 m).

    • Atthis day, an additional dunction is possible: ascent to the peak of the Song of Abay (4901 m).

    • Day 10.

    • The Base Camp of South Inylchek. 
      Transfer: 15 km. / 5-6 hours / +/- 150 m. 

    • The rest day in the base camp or for those who want a radial exit to the root of Khan-Tengri, from which discovers you a magnificent view.
      Not only climbers can come to the Base Southern Camp of Inylchek, but also ordinary travelers who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the Tian Shan mountains.
      Everyone has the unique opportunity to fly to the Base Camp and fly by a helicopter.
      Night in tents (4100 m).

    • Day 11.


    • Helicopter flight to the Karkar base camp - transfer to the Issyk-Kul lake. 
      Overflight: 40 мин. Переезд: 200 км. / 4 часа / - 2500 м. 

    • After breakfast, will be a helicopter flight to Karkara.
      After the glaciers, the Base Camp of Karkar will seem to be a green paradise, because of magnificent trees, wide bushes and tall grass grow around.
      Lunch will be in Karkar which, it is not covered with ice even in winter. In summer, the water temperature reaches 23-25 ​​degrees and you can swim anywhere, on any shore, although at the time there is snow on the tops of the mountains. This deep and warm lake has been considered as an oasis among the majestic mountains for centuries.

    • Dinner and overnight at the hotel on the lake (1650 m.).​

    • Day 12.


    • Issyk-Kul – Bishkek. 

    • Transfer: 250 km. / 4-5 hours / -800 m. 

    • Breakfast in the hotel. Free time.
      After lunch at the hotel, we go to Bishkek through the Boom gorge, where the Chui River flows, which is very famous among lovers of water tourism - rafting. On the way, we will visit the Burana Tower - the existing city in the 11th-12th centuries. We will explore the ruins in this very important, in the past, trade point of the Silk Way, we will visit a small local museum, showing us the history of the civilization of that time. We will also peruse the collection of balbals - the Turkic ancient monuments.

    • Transfer in Bishkek.

    • Dinner at a local cafe.

    • Overnight at the hotel.


    • Day 13.


    • Excursion in Bishkek city. 

    • After breakfast in the hotel, the city tour will be held. Bishkek is the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic and the industrial center of the country. This city is famous for its wide avenues, beautiful buildings and Soviet heritage.
      We will go to the central square of the capital, where the monument to the national hero Manas and the historical museum is located. We will also be able to see the change of the honorary sentry in the central square, the monument to Kurmanjan Datka, and the Old Square, where the Government building is located. At the end of the tour, we will visit Victory Square, after which we will go to the Central Department Store (TSUM) to buy souvenirs.

    • The final dinner in the restaurant.

    • Overnight at the hotel.


    • Day 14.


    • A return home. 
      Transfer: 40 km. / 1 hour.

    • Early in the morning transfer to the airport. Homecoming.


    • Tour prices in 2019


    • 1                    5230 USD

    • 2                    3550 USD


    • 3                    3100 USD


    • 4-5                  2730 USD


    • 6-7                  2430 USD


    • 8-9                  2290 USD


    • 10-11                2215 USD


    • 12-14                2150 USD


    • 15                   2100 USD


    • Extra charge for  a single hotel accomodation:        130 USD / pax.

    • Extra charge for  a single occupancy in tents:        110 USD / pax.

    • Extra charge for "Climbing to the peak of"Abai's song":75 USD / pax.

    • The price includes the services of a local guide and the rental of helmets, straps, cats and ropes.



    • Included in the price:

    • accommodation at the Asia Mountains Hotel (or other one) in Bishkek - 3 nights

    • accomodation at the Amir Hotel or the Green Yard Guest House in Karakol - 1 night

    • accommodation in one of the Issyk-Kul's hotels - 1 night

    • accommodation in tent camps with 3 meal option in a day (hot breakfast and dinner, and lunch in lunch boxes), beginning from At-Jailoo to BC - 9 nights (Please note that you will not have to set up your own tent, they will be fixed before + in the campground, hot food will be awaiting for you).

    • full board basis for the whole tour

    • accompanying guide throughout the tour

    • porter services (* please read the delivery information below)

    • environmental fees and museum entrance tickets for the program

    • all transfers according to the program

    • helicopter flights from BC South Inylchek to BC Karkar, From the Merzbacher's Lake to BC South Inylchek

    • checkpoint


    •  Not included in the price:

    • visa support and consular payment (if required)

    • all additional deviations from the main program

    • food and beverages, which are not included in the main menu

    • other personal expenses (luggage overweight, room service, medical expenses / insurance, etc.)


    • Porters services at the time of the trek: by agreement.

    • Your luggage throughout the trek will be concerned by porters. The weight of your baggage should not exceed 12 kg per person. For additional cargo, extra charge from 1 kg - 12 USD. For less luggage, handed over to porter, no refund. You can leave luggage that is not useful to you during the trek in the office. This baggage will be delivered to you upon your arrival at BC Karkar.


    • For the trek you will need the following equipment:

    • sleeping bag that is comfort for all the 4 seasons

    • trekking boots

    • waterproof jacket and hill pants

    • warm gloves and head-dress

    • sunglasses

    • flashlight and batteries

    • 40 liters backpack

    • sunscreen/suntan lotion

    • water container 1 liter

    • it is also recommended to take with you: down-padded coat, sandals, tourist sticks



    •  Menu in trekking camps:


    • On the table always stay: Honey, jam, sugar, condensed milk, dried fruits, cookies or sweets, salt, pepper, ketchup.


    • Breakfast menu: Each breakfast consists of cereal and an additional dish.

    • Additional dishes: scrambled eggs with bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, fried sausages, stuffed pancakes, cheesecakes, eggs and ham, boiled eggs.

    • Dinners: Each dinner consists of a salad, soup and big tamale, plus a dessert.
      Salads: funchoza, rice with crab sticks, canned fish with egg, carrots with cabbage, Greek, beans with onions, cod liver with egg.
      Soups: ministron, cesme, lentil soup, rice soup, pumpkin soup, fish, with doughboys.
      Main dishes: kuurdak, pilaf, fricassee with spaghetti and cheese, dymlyama, stuffed pepper, lagman, befstrogans with rice.
      Desserts: muffins, waffles, rolls, mixed fruit.

      Lunch boxes: consist of a main course, dried fruit, whizzed cheese, bread, chocolate, a drink (water, compote, ice tea with lemon).

    • Main course: fried chicken, smoked chicken, smoked duck breast, cheese sandwich (ham), patty, boiled eggs, meat paste.