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Classic super tour of the country

9 days

from 600-3400 $ USA per person​

Available: May - October

  • Distance: Unlimited.km.

  • Duration of tour:8 nights /9 days

  • Max. altitude:2000 m

  • Min. altitude:1000 m

  • Level of difficulty:Easy

  • Program

  • Day 1.

    The Manas airport - Bishkek city - the Ala-Archa gorge - Bishkek city (130 km).

  • Guide and driver will meet the group at the airport. Transfer to the Bishkek city. Hotel accommodation.

  • Relaxation.
    Excursion in the city: Osh Bazaar, Philharmonic Hall, Ala-Too Central Square, Art Gallery.

  • Lunch in a local cafe.
    Transfer to the Ala-Archa gorge.
    Passing through the neighboring villages, it is difficult not to notice mountain peaks, stretching towards the sky. Walk along the Ala-Archa gorge. This region is famous for its mountain routes. Therefore, you can just walk along the river or go up to the waterfall.

  • Return to the city. Rest in the hotel.

  • Dinner at a local cafe.

  • Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 2.

  • Bishkek city – the Chon-Kemin valley (180 km).

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
    Check-out from the city to the valley of Chon-Kemin. 
    On the waywill be a visit to the architectural complex Burana - a historical object in the form of a tower, the remains of mausoleums, stone sculptures.
    After lunch at the guest house in the valley of Chon-Kemin - free time.

  • Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

  • In options: horse riding, baking bread, national nomadic games, riding on a cart.

  • Day 3.

    ​The Chon-Kemin valley – Cholpon Ata city (160 km).

  • Breakfast at the guest house.
    Check-out to the Issyk-Kul lake through the Boom gorge.
    Visit of Saka rock paintings - Petroglyphs will be held when coming to the city of Cholpon-Ata. Saka - one of the oldest nomadic peoples.

  • Lunch in a local cafe.

  • Visit to the Museum of Local Lore.

  • Riding on a ship on the Issyk-Kul lake.

  • Hotel. Free time.

  • Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


  • Day 4.

  • Cholpon Ata city – the Grigoriev gorge – Karakol city (180 km).

  • Breakfast at the hotel. A car-trip to Karakol.

  • On the way, a visit to the Grigorievskoe gorge. Walk through the gorge to the summer pastures of nomads. Picnic in nature.

  • Also, on the way, a visit to a warm sources. Bathing in thermal pools. Upon arrival in the city of Karakol, accommodation at the hotel.

  • Relaxation. Dinner in the Dungan family.

  • Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 5. 

  • Karakol city – the Jety-Oguz gorge – the Bokonbaevo village – the Kochkor village (300 km).

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
    City tour of Karakol: Dungan mosque and orthodox church.
    Transfer to the Kochkor village.

  • On the way, a check in to the Jeti-Oguz gorge. You will stop at a broken heart, as well as admire the magnificent panoramic view of the sandy mountains.

  • Walk along the gorge.

  • Driving along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, as on the previous day, it is possible to enjoy the snowy peaks of Tian Shan around the lake.
    The next stop will be in the village of Bokonbaevo for a lunch with a local family. Arrival in Kochkor village. Demonstration of creation of felt carpets.
    For a long time, women of the Kyrgyz people are engaged in needlework and skillfully made carpets, slippers, hats and many other souvenirs. You can not only watch the whole process, but also take an active part in it.

  • Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

  • Day 6.

  • The Kochkor village – Naryn city – the Kara-Koyun gorge (235 km). 

  • Breakfast in the guest house.
    Transfer to the Kara-Koyun gorge, to the yurt camp, that is not far from Tash-Rabat (3100 m). You will drive along the Dolon, through a mountain fields to the city of Naryn. The rest of the way also passes through the mountainous terrains with a wonderful view of the Tian Shan mountain ranges.
    Lunch on arrival, at the yurt camp.
    Excursion of Tash-Rabat - Caravan Shed of the X century, where the guide will tell you - many fascinating legends and historical facts about this place.
    Free time.
    Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp. 

  • Day 7

  • the Kara-Koyun gorge – the Son-Kul lake (260 km).

  • Breakfast in the yurt camp.
    Transfer to the Son-Kul Lake (3016 m), through the pass - 33 Parrots (3250 m). The move will be very exciting. On the way, you will see thousands of livestock grazing on thick green mountain pastures. Often, you can also see yaks who are raised at a height of at least 3000 m. Arriving at the lake in the yurt camp.
    After lunch in the yurt camp, free time.

  • Dinner and overnight in the yurt camp.

  • In options: riding horses, setting a yurt, kymyz tasting.

  • Day 8.

  • The Son-Kul lake – Bishkek city (350 km).

  • Breakfast in the yurt camp.

  • Return to the city of Bishkek.

  • The way back passes through another - Kalmak-Ashuu pass (3450 m) - the highest point of our journey, from where a great view opens up for you.

  • We will also stop at the Orto Tokoi Reservoir.
    Lunch on the way, in a local cafe.

  • Upon arrival in the city of Bishkek, accommodation at the hotel. Relaxation.

  • Final dinner at a local cafe.

  • Overnight at the hotel.​

  • In options: folklore concert.

  • Day 9

  • Bishkek city – the Manas airport (35 km).

  • Early breakfast at the hotel.
    Transfer to the airport.The end of the service.