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Keskkenkää hiking tour 4 days / 3 nights


from 517 $ USA per person

Available: June - September

  • Distance: 53 km

  • Duration: 3 nights / 4 days

  • Season Duration: June - September

  • Max. rise: 3,375 m Min rise: 2,239 m

  • Level of difficulty: Medium

  • Features:

  • Eki chat gorge: a picturesque place near the village of Jyrgalan, where you can chat with local shepherds and enjoy the tranquility of this alpine landscape. Go Zhyrgalan (Ak Kiya) pass (3,332 m.): Despite the fact that this pass has a gradual slope and it is not very difficult to climb, nevertheless you will be rewarded, at the top you will have a panoramic view of the mountains in the Zhyrgalan valley.

  • River Tyup: Depending on the season, this river can be difficult to cross. In June, due to snow melting, the river is too dangerous to cross. From July to September you can wade. As part of this tour, we provide a safe passage through the river. If you walk on your own, you must have alpine rope (at least 40 m) and be familiar with crossing the ford and high-speed river.