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Cycle Tour in Jirgalan

from 77$ USA  per person

Available: June - September

  • Distance: up to 29 km
    Duration of the tour: 1 day
    Season Duration: June - September
    Max. rise: 3,375 m
    Min rise: 2,239 m
    Level of difficulty: Medium

Waterfall Kok-Bel

This is a trip to one of the most beautiful mountain biking places for independent travelers of any skill level. You will enjoy a 13.5 km bike ride along well-marked paths, through a narrow canyon and along paths, offering stunning panoramic views of the Jyrgalan valley. Bring lunch with you, while having lunch you can enjoy a delightful view of the impressive 20-meter Kok-Belle waterfall. This is a favorite place for locals and is ideal for summer holidays on a hot summer day.

Tulpar Tash

A half-day leisurely trip, 7 km long, is intended for a great opportunity to explore landscapes and nature, not counting the territory of the village of Jyrgalan. Leaving Jyrgalan and crossing the river, you climb the slope of a hill, following the marked dirt road, on the way to Eki Chat. As a local attraction, Tulpar Tash provides fantastic opportunities for photographing, and also provides time to observe panoramic views of the Jyrgalan valley and the village itself.

Trail - Birch Grove

This mountain bike destination is one of the easiest among our bike tours. This is also a beautiful route plan, where you will see the legendary stone Tulpar Tash, and then enjoy the forest of beautiful birch trees. You will take the old abandoned road and see how Mother Nature turned this old road into a forest. In the distance, you will see the three canyons Kyzyl-Zhara, as well as a herd of horses, cows and sheep. The trip promises to be accompanied by the sounds of the peaceful Zhyrgalan River, at the same time, take with you a container of food from the guest house so that you can enjoy your meal and scenery outdoors. It will be an unforgettable trip - do not forget to take a camera with you to enjoy a summer day in Jyrgalan!

Trail - Temirlan Stones
Temirlan stones is one of the most mysterious destinations in Jyrgalan. Located 30 km from the village of Zhyrgalan, the stones belong to Temirlan - the ruler of Samarkand from the Middle Ages. When he went with his army to China, he ordered each soldier from his army to arrange the stones so that they were in the middle of the pasture. When they returned from the war, he again ordered his soldiers to once again find the stones and make a hill of stones - one hill was higher than another, possibly showing how much war the soldiers had taken from the army. This trail starts from a hard intermediate level, from the moment of its ascent to the Kok-Bel Pass to 2445 meters. After that, it will be easier for you to go through the mountains covered with wild flowers - mountains, and along the way you will see the River Tup, herds and shepherds.

Eki Chat Gorge
Eki-Chat gorge is a wonderful place located at the junction of two valleys. Colorful wildflowers cover the green slopes and the fresh breeze cools the gorge even on the warmest days. 16.6 hikes along a marked trail, this is a long but useful day of the tour from the Jyrgalan valley. Extensive mountain pastures are located nearby, and the shepherds lead their flocks to alpine meadows, where the cattle are all summer. Nomadic cattle breeding is one of the most ancient ways of managing. Danik and his family offer travelers the opportunity to join them for lunch or stay overnight in the Eki Chat gorge camp, and after breakfast set off.

1 person - $ 77
2 people - $ 99
3 people - $ 121
4 people - $ 143